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Hi, my name is Chandler Tracy. 

I'm the owner and creator of Tracy Effects. I started creating pedals with one purpose in mind:

to give every musician access to a first-class tone.

I began playing guitar at a very young age and my passion for playing and learning about music has never dimmed since. Growing up in a small town in Indiana never stopped my dreams from being big. Because of my love for music, I picked up and moved to Georgia in 2012 where I attended and graduated from the Atlanta Institute of Music with a focus in Modern Recording, Engineering and Music Production.

Since then, I have had the opportunity to work with talented musicians all over the Atlanta area and always talking about guitars and gear along the way. That ultimately led me to the creation of Tracy Effects.

I want our pedals to ignite and continuously refuel the fire to not only play guitar, but to create great music. As a musician, you deserve the best equipment to unlock your creativity and unleash the greatest potential for your tone.

Photo by: Dani Andujo

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